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Change Management

You are investing a lot of financial and political capital in your project or strategic initiative. If its success depends heavily on people changing the way they work, think or behave, then you need effective change management to get the results you want. Simply launching a new technology, product or strategy does not ensure that people will adopt and utilize it quickly and effectively.

Even smart, seasoned leaders struggle with how to lead their people to change the way they work and smoothly integrate strategic initiatives into daily operations. Research shows that about 80% of projects fail, even with perfectly executed project management delivering on time and on budget. That happens largely because leaders do not equip their people for change. Maven combines the science of research-based methodologies and the art of influence with road-tested experience to equip your people and maximize your ROI.

Resistance is the natural response to disruption.
— Dr. Hans Selye, Nobel Prize Nominee for Physiological Change Response Research





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