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Change Management Expertise

Your organization needs to change quickly in response to fluctuating customer demands, competition, and opportunities, but change is hard. Research shows that only 20-30% of corporate initiatives and projects succeed as planned, usually because change champions put a lot of focus on designing and launching new programs, and do not put enough effort into giving their people what they need to change the way they work. Maven helps you lead change effectively at the organization, department and individual level to ensure smooth transitions and quick returns on your investments. Get a trusted partner to help you create smart strategies and implement your new technologies, products, organizational structures or business programs successfully.


Shari Fowler, Maven's principle consultant, brings this change management expertise to your business:

  • CERTIFIED in Prosci's highly regarded Change Management methodology. Experienced in guiding client implementation of ADKAR, Kotter, LaMarsh and other respected change management theories and methods.


  • TRAINING: Equip your people to change the way they work. Shari has guided her clients to implement effective adult learning practices by providing training strategy, curriculum, training materials, and "train the trainer" programs. She has an effective, enjoyable teaching style and has trained hundreds of professionals in leadership, technology, marketing and change management.


  • COMMUNICATION is the crux of change management, and Shari draws on extensive strategic communication experience. She has written and edited marketing copy for global campaigns, managed press programs and/or owned internal communications programs for Microsoft and several Fox Valley clients. She develops professional and engaging messages, presentations, and marketing materials for internal and external audiences.


  • COACHING: Shari works specifically with the executive sponsors of a change and the managers of the people directly impacted by the change, providing them with simple but powerful tools for communicating and leading change effectively. For over 15 years, she has coached executives in all types of businesses, from large global companies like Microsoft to small business owners, and has a passion for helping people develop their leadership abilities.


  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Shari is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has worked with teams using a variety of project implementation methods (e.g. Agile, waterfall, PMI, Logical Framework). This allows her to easily plug in to the team that is designing and implementing the change and seamlessly integrate change management work. Shari adds value, collaboration and fun to your change team.


  • SUBJECT-MATTER EXPERTISE: Change management methods can be applied to any type of change, but having a change management consultant with subject-matter expertise in the specific type of change that you are making can be helpful.  Shari has helped companies implement these types of changes. This is not an exhaustive list, so call to ask about her experience with the changes ahead for you.
    • Implementing a new CRM, specifically Salesforce and Siebel
    • Launching multiple new technology applications
    • Re-designing core business processes using LEAN and other methodologies
    • Shifting from manual to automated fulfillment channels
    • Adding e-commerce and digital marketing to traditional marketing channels
    • Launching a new product, website or e-commerce program
    • Piloting and implementing a new marketing program, locally or globally
    • Migrating ownership of a business unit/product from one team to another
    • Re-organizing or starting a department, defining roles and responsibilities, and integrating within the current organization